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Mid State Nephrology Associates, P.C.

"It is with immense pleasure that we write this testimonial for Innovative Health Strategies
and for Butch Marino in particular. For nine years, we had each owned a percentage of
Middlesex Dialysis Center. Because of acquisitions, there were a total of three majority
owners during that time. With each change of ownership, we each retained our financial
interest in the center. More than a year ago, we decided to exercise our put; essentially to
sell our shares. Being physicians rather than businessmen, we realized that we had to
find an experienced agent to navigate the tricky waters of the sale. We had met Butch
Marino during the first ownership change and had immense respect for him. We thus
selected him and Innovative Health Strategies as our agent.

Early on the process, our appraiser came in with a much higher value than did the
appraiser for the buyer. During the negotiation phase, our center was doing very well
with an extraordinarily low mortality rate and an increasing profit rate. Butch and his
associates were able to effectively convey this information to the buyer. The final sale
price was similar to that suggested by our appraiser.

Butch did a fine job for us. We would recommend him and Innovative to physicians and
to institutions interested in a sale of their joint venture interest."

David A. Baggish, M.D.
David J. Miner, M.D.
Dale A. Rowett, M.D.